Salmon Viewing Locations

Chinook spawning occurs in the Rogue Valley from October – January, with peak viewing times in October and November. Take advantage of a unique opportunity to get outside and observe this natural wonder. See map and descriptions below for suggested viewing locations.

Please view salmon from a distance. Spawning season is a stressful time for fish, and any disturbance can be very harmful. It is best to view from a bridge or creek/river bank, not in the water. Thank you!

Center map

Mainstem Rogue River

  • McGregor Park
  • Valley of the Rogue
  • Pedestrian bridge that crosses the Rogue at Reinhart Park in Grants Pass

Bear Creek

  • Several locations along the Bear Creek Greenway including Pine Street Bridge in Central Point
  • Rogue Valley Mall (Medford)
  • Hawthorne Park (Medford)
  • Bear Creek Park (Medford)
  • Blue Heron Park (Phoenix)
  • Lynn Newbry Park (Talent)
  • Oak Street Dam (Ashland)
  • North Mountain Park (Ashland)

Upper Rogue River

  • Crowfoot Road bridge as it crosses Big Butte Creek just east of Highway 62

Little Butte Creek

  • Denman Wildlife Area
  • Harnish Wayside (Eagle Point)
  • Lake Creek Pioneer Hall and Grange